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"I want to express how very pleased I was last Thursday when my new windows were put in! The men working here outstanding! It was a miserable day, cold and wet, and I really felt sorry for the men working here. However I didn’t have to worry! Outstanding men, all of them, did outstanding work. You can be proud of each and everyone! The windows are beautiful but of course the old drapes are not, and I am looking into what I can purchase to assure that everything will be great!"
- Jackie E.

"Thank you to my repair work at my office. Everything was done in a professional manner. The crew was courteous and completed the job in a timely manner. They kept the work area neat and clean. They kept me updated and have me information as requested. We have a lot more roofing work to do! I will keep your phone number on speed-dial for all of our future needs. Thanks again and God bless! "
- Carol H.

"In 1963 a very young Dan Fulmer came to our home on Crossfield Rd. in Rochester. It was our first home and it needed siding and windows badly. It looked like one of the Property Brother’s make overs when we were finished. Just wanted to say, Glad you are still going strong."
- Shirley N.

"We just want to let you know what a great job Duane and Ron did on our siding. They were very competent, friendly and thorough. We are very pleased with the end result and have had loads of people in the neighborhood commenting on how good the job looks."
- Sharon and David, G.

"I want to thank you for the prompt way you handled my ice down situation. George and Justin were very efficient and professional and took the time to answer my questions. I have the utmost confidence in your company and would feel very comfortable calling on you again should any other issue arise."
- Diane, S.

"Thanks Jim for all I know about roofs, it looks beautiful! The crew that was at the house were polite, worked fast and totally professional. It was a pleasure working with your company."
- Beth C.

"In appreciation of the work done at 83 Clark Park, Rochester, NY. Thank you."
- Bethany Presbyterian Church

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank the crew who worked so hard on our re-roof. They did a fantastic job, and my husband and I are thrilled at how nice it looks. We really dodged a bullet when we saw how bad the flashing was. Next on our list are new windows and siding, and we will give you a call when we are ready. In case you are missing a lawn sign, we still have one on the lawn! Thanks."
- Sussan H.

"We wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful new door! We absolutely love it and it makes the front of our home look so nice. We appreciate your generosity and kindness."
- The Larson Family

"Thanks Jim! The crew did a fantastic job.Nothing short of perfection. I know who to call the next time I need work done on the house!"
- Fred Z.

"I would like to thank you for replacing my storm window that somehow had just falling out. I called when I noticed it, the window was picked up and replaced with no question asked I have in the past and will continue to recommend yourc ompany to anyone that asks. It's refreshing these days to find a company that goes above & beyond, thanks again."
- Rich M.

"We just want to let you know what a great job Kevin and his crew did on the new roof of our home. The workmanship and quality were excellent. Kevin and his crew were very punctual, courteous and thorough. We have had compliments from relatives and neighbors and have recommended you already. Thank you again."
- Carlos & Clara Simmons

"I would like to express my sincere thanks for the superb work your company did on our house. The guys – Dwayne, Shane, Mike and Alex work miracles. We got to know Dwayne and Shane really well and they were wonderful to work with problems, suggestions and by just being really nice. Kudos to you and your company. I know we were picking the right company after talking with your wife Barb when I first called and then when Paul come out for the estimate and last but certainly not least, you and our friendly conversation per phone."
- Chris S.

image of the front of a house with nice siding
image of the front of a house with nice siding

A job done right
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank the crew who worked so hard on our re-roof. They did a fantastic job, and my husband and I are thrilled at how nice it looks. We really dodged a bullet when we saw how bad the flashing was. Next on our list are new windows and siding, and we will give you a call when we are ready. In case you are missing a lawn sign, we still have one on the lawn! Thanks."
- Sussan H.

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"We wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful new door! We absolutely love it and it makes the front of our home look so nice. We appreciate your generosity and kindness."
- The Larson family

We would like to express how pleased we are with the remodel of our house which was completed last week (the place looks great), and our appreciation of the people who worked on it.

We wish that we had found Fulmer before we wasted time with several others. One told us that we couldn’t redo the Tudor style and that we would have to change to a different vinyl siding. On the other hand: Jim was very helpful. He took our wishes to our heart and researched to find suitable materials to get the look that we wanted at a very reasonable price.

We can’t say enough about the crew (Jeremy, Don, Dustin, Tim & Tom) that did the work: they we’re terrific! They were friendly, positive and a pleasure to work with. They did a great job, and in several areas where we had special concerns they did everything possible to ensure that we got exactly what we wanted.

Sold as it has been – I find myself lingering in the driveway just to enjoy looking at the house.

Many thanks guys; we really appreciate the care and consideration that you put into this.

Debbie & Bruce McMahon & Tyler Terrace

"I was already a devotee of Dan Fulmer Company so this commendation is actually overdue. Three years ago they sided my house complete with new gutters and the entire experience was stellar. Everyone from my Salesman/ "Mac" to the hard working and considerate Team that did the installation were superb and they did a consummate job of it. So when the lastest rain fell in my life, literally, I turned to them for help.

Recently a genuine monsoon hit our area and due to improper gutter cleaning by a different provider I was held hostage to my home with mop and pail, sponges and rags as the water gushed over my clogged gutters, forming a lake in the house through the window that houses my room air conditioner.

If you're familiar with the contracting business you know how swamped they get during the all-to-abbreviated working season in Rochester and juggling the overload of work can be quite the circus act indeed so when I sent up my S.O.S all I could do was pray they might take pity on me since another six days of inclement weather was forecast for the coming week. And they did. Within less than 48 hours I had a Team of men on my roof rescuing this dansel in distress. Im still trying to figure out how to thank them properly.

Should the reader require any of the services this wonderful Company provided, I tell you most sincerely that I cannot recommend them highly enough. Thank goodness there are still some Men in White Hats left in the world! Thanks Guys!"

- signed, a grateful customer, Karen L.

"It all started with a water leak from the flat roof above a spare bedroom that cause water damaged to my kitchen. So I started the process of finding a company that could replace the flat roof and stop the leak.

I called seven different contractors and received three call backs. One said he would look at the job and never showed, who I called the second week and left a message that was never returned. One that called me back three weeks later and informed that he was on vacation and had just returned, the third being Dan Fulmer Construction that answered the phone, took a complete message and said that the roofing supervisor would call and schedule an appointment. The same day Paul LaRuez called informing that he was the roofing supervisor and wanted to schedule an appointment to look at the roof. We agreed the next day. The last four I never heard from.

Mr. LaRuez showed up the next day and looked at the project and he informed me in great detail as to what needed to be done, how it was to be completed and all material was gone over with handouts.

A week later I decided to go forward with Dan Fulmer Construction and Mr. LaRuez did come to my house, once again went over the project and answered all questions that I had once again. The contract was signed and I paid half the cost and depending weather they would start as soon as possible. Mr. LaRuez called me three days later and informed me that they would start on Monday since we had three days of clear weather. On the Monday I returned to my house to find a crew working on the project. I talked with the foreman and he informed me of the process and also the material being used. He answered my questions and I returned to work. Later in the day I returned and found that all roofing material had been removed and that I could not get into my house. The crew immediately gave me access by clearing a path and gave me access to my home. I was called out on work and returned to find all roofing material cleaned up, all tarps and plywood removed from the house. I was greatly satisfied that I found no material on the ground and stated this fact to which the foreman said that tomorrow all material would be picked up. Ok it was already clean. On Tuesday the crew arrived just after eight and went to work. I returned to the house around 1130hrs and saw the work that was completed. The foreman informed me of the progress, what still needed to be done and that the area would be cleaned up. I thanked him and the crew for the excellent work and returned to work. When I returned I found the crew had left, I placed a ladder and inspected the gutter and work. The gutters had been cleaned, the work looked to be excellent and the area was cleaned up just as it was before the work.

Many time we forget the people that do the work. So THANK YOU Bob Love, Steve Ihnatuik, Steve, Chris, Tyler, Joe, Byron and Robert. You all worked as a team, I never saw any complaints, you all where polite and courteous to me and did excellent work. Thanks to Paul Laruez for his guidance in explaining the steps and his follow up with appointments. I’m sorry I don’t remember her name, but she called to inform me that the warranted material would sent in the mail, confirming my address and thanking me for the work. That was done the day the work was completed. From start to finish I found the process informative, easy and professionally done. I would gladly give your name to friends and family due to the work that was done to my home."

- Joel T.

"To whom It may concern:

I wish to commend the work performed on my property by Chris Wagg. Although he ran into unforseen problems, Chris came up with proper solutions and made the necessary repairs in a very professional manner. He informed me of every step in the work he performed. Even when I suggested he was too fussy, Chris informed me there was only one way to get the job done, the right way. This is a very rare statement in today's world.

Fulmer Construction Company should be very proud to have an employee such as Chris working to represent them. I would gladly recommend Chris to my friends and neighbors."

- Carle M.

To Whom It May Concern:

This email is to let you know how pleased I am with the performance of your company.

On January 26, 2016, I had two skylights installed by your firm. The workmen were at my home promptly at 9 am as stated by both Paul LaRuez and Chris Vagg, and work was started. The weather called for gusty winds and rain, so I was a little apprehensive that they would finish in a day. Despite the wind and on and off rain, they were finished by noon as promised.

I did a walk around with Dan who went over everything that was done. He noticed some pipes on the roof that needed some caulking, so he took care of them. Over and above! All the old material was properly taken away, new windows washed and my home was restored with two new skylights.

Would also like to mention your crew worked together as a team which I think got the job done smoothly.

Thank you again for your quick turn around.

Whitney DeGroat

"We had (1) picture window replaced that was 104" long with (3) Double Hung windows mulled together installed last week, and 1 other and separate awning window in a different area. All windows were to be "Energy Extreme Brand" by Vista Window Co., Triple Pane, Low-E, Argon, Super Spacer, Foam Filled Frames and Triple Fin Weather Stripping. The Fulmer crew was just marvelous and really knew what they were doing and the install went great. The workmanship was more than excellent. However, the windows themselves were not what we ordered and paid for. We bought "Vista Energy Extreme" and we received "Vista Panorama" VWC-K1 07518-00002 windows. http://search.nfrc.org/search/cpd/cpd_search_detail.aspx?cpdnum=VWC-K-1 (listed on page 967) That's good for us. The NFRC numbers are better than what we paid for, per our brochure. I talked to the Vista secretary in the Ohio factory and she said “Vista Panorama” and “Vista Energy Extreme” are ALL the same windows regardless who made them, just the glass is different. Clearly she knew nothing about the windows her company sells. Sorry, they are not all the same windows. There are many differences between all the various Vista windows. They offer 24,267 different window combinations in just their Double Hung style. 24 THOUSAND. Don't believe me? Check the NFRC site link above. There is some major confusion over at Vista, with performance ratings not matching their literature. They really need to get their act together over there. And one of the windows we received even has a crooked grid inside. How THAT got past Vista Quality Control is beyond me. The windows were held up for shipment at the factory to Dan Fulmer Co. because they caught a crooked grid in (1) window and they notified Dan Fulmer Co. who notified us they would be a week late. Guess what, Vista shipped it anyways, 1 week late, with the crooked grid. What Vista Manager approved THAT shipment to there vendor/supplier? This is NOT Dan Fulmer’s fault. However, because Dan Fulmer Company was willing to go the extra mile and replace everything, each and every window they just installed, I decided to just keep what we got. That was a real nice gesture on their part. Who does that? Dan Fulmer does. Great company. The differences in what I ordered and what I got are actually to our benefit. We got better windows than we bought. Dan Fulmer also has a new window on order to replace the "crooked grid" one. The important thing here is Dan Fulmer didn't leave us out to dry. They were willing to make it right. Albeit this shouldn't have gotten past Vista or Dan Fulmer Co. in the first place. As far as Vista Window Co.... yes, I certainly would buy them again. They do make some very good vinyl windows, you just have to watch them a little to make sure everything is right. As far as Dan Fulmer Construction Co.... yes, I certainly would buy from again. They do some very good work and stand behind you all the way."

- Jack

"Your installers did a Fantastic Job on our new windows and doors. They exceeded our expectations and were very accomodating in regards to our service issues. We will be contacting you after the 1st of the year to have some more work done.

Thanks and have a Merry Christmas"

- Jeff & Kathy P.

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"Thanks again for another great job (windows). Weather wasn't as nice as working at the lake! (last year)"

- Beth

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